Twittering Nonsense

twitter-logoI got an invite to join twitter by a friend of mine today.

For those of you not in the know twitter is the latest online “social networking” site that (rather pretentiously) calls itself a  “micro-blogging service” that allows its users to send and read other users’ updates (otherwise known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.

Twitter is the latest trend in communication and is starting to be used by all sorts of people (even Barack Obama has an account!).

You won’t find me on there though.


Because twitter is the latest step in the ever-increasing pace of life, of the tsunami of information we have to keep up with.

Just 10 years ago, we would phone someone or write a letter to keep in touch. Mobile phones were only just becoming common place and texting was in its infancy, even email was only just starting to walk.

10 years before that is was landline phone or letter. To keep in touch with world you would read a daily paper or watch the news at 10.

Do we really need this constant barrage of information? I think not. Yes, I write this journal, yes I have a mobile phone and email. But do I constantly check it? No! I don’t even know where my mobile is right now and often go out and forget to take it with me. Does my world end? Nope!

Now we are obsessed with being constantly “on” and are constantly bombarded with information. We feel the ever increase need to be always be “in touch” with everyone and everything.

It is like we are no one unless we are telling everyone what we are doing every second of the day. We are turning into a bunch of egomaniacs!

Twitter is the latest symptom of this. Where will we go next?!

Does it really matter what someone is up to at that very second? If it is that is that important can’t they call you or drop you text?!

Can’t you wait to find that out? Do you need the constant banal updates?!

We get so much information all we have time to do is process it. Information is pointless if we don’t have the time to act on it, all it does is make us stressed and worried and feel out of control…

We don’t need all this information, in fact I would argue that it is bad for us, physically, psychologically and socially.

Relax, chill out, delete your twitter account, close your web browser, go and buy a newspaper.  Phone a friend and have a proper chat. Why not arrange to pop round for a cup of tea? Too far away? Why not write them a letter and let them now what you are up to? Or even an email (it comes to something when an email seems a “slow” form of communication doesn’t it?!)

I prefer the quieter life:

The little retreat is to hide

Among wooded hills;

The great retreat is to vanish

In the capital.

– Kanzan

Tomorrow you will here my thoughts on other social networking online. Brace yourself…