Thoughts From a Deck Chair

Firstly, a bit of news…

1) Because I am no longer using “The Slow Coach” title, I have changed my twitter account, you can now follow my random, sporadic, few and far between tweets, then you can now follow me at or click on the Social Profile button up there on the sidebar.

2) A bit more business minded? Connect with me on LinkedIn. My LinkedIn profile covers everything I do, from the Slow work to the NLP training and consultancy, to the mentoring I do with other coaches and therapists. You can connect with me at, or use the Social profile button.

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I think that is about it…

When I started this blog, way back on a free wordpress site, it was called “Thoughts from a Deck Chair” and was really just my musings, thoughts, ideas and observations on life, the Slow Movement and how I was incorporating it into my daily life. Somewhere along the way, it morphed into more of a “how to” blog, giving hints tips and ideas. I think I was a bit scared, to be honest, that people wouldn’t be that interested in my ramblings and wouldn’t read, so I had to try and offer something useful to keep my readers happy (and coming back for more and recommending me/linking to my posts, etc). I think I got a bit carried away after reading lots of books on how to be a successful blogger that told me that I had to offer advice, or hints and tips, etc.

But, after a bit of feedback, readers seem to want to hear about my ideas, musing and goings on as much as hints and tips about what you need to do to Slow Down.

So, I endeavour, from now on, to give you regular updates about my attempts to slow down as well as the hitns and tips, etc.

What do you think? Please feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you want me to write about!