The Tricky Thing…

I have been involved in the “self help” (I hate that term!) field for about 10 years. I got my first website in 2001, it wasn’t very good and I paid a fortune for it (as you did in those days), in its 1st incarnation (it doesn’t exist any more!). One of my aims of that site was to try and connect personally with everyone that visited, there were so many sites out there that are bland, or dull or just a hard sell, telling you same things over and over again. I got the idea from Robert Anton Wilson’s site (who, before his death, used to post a monthly “thought”) and the Barefoot Doctors site (who does a daily “Doc Box”), if you haven’t visited their sites, I highly recommend that you do. Blogs were around back then, but very few people had actually heard of them (only really techie people and netites.. So I set up a Daily(ish) NLP Tip on my homepage with my rudimentary knowledge of html, and updated it as often as I could, giving out tips, ideas and general musings.

I did this for about 3 years but started to find it a real hassle updating the site each day, blogs were becoming more and more popular, so eventually to solve the technical issues, I set up my first blog in 2005, it was just as blogs were starting to seep into the public consciousness. So I have been doing a “daily blog” for about 8 years.

The tricky aspect of getting in the habit of pouring out the secrets of existence every day, with the intent to help as much as possible by promoting the advantages of Slowing Down, and through that gradually developing a bit of a way with words and that combination leading to occasional spurts of eloquence and spot-on-ness that take even me by surprise, when they come as they do out of the blue and then continue beguilingly for a few days or so, is trying to decide what to say. Do I just ramble about what I am up to, what I am thinking and interweave that with an odd slow tip, or do I do a cold and hard “technique” driven blog, with just a tip or a quote each day? What is the level of the people who read this, are they people who are totally new to the Slow Philosophy and trying to figure out what it is all about, or are they already well versed in the art and are looking for little extra hints and tips to improve? So, where do I pitch it? Beginner, or advanced? I hope I get the balance.

I’m only human and sometimes events conspire to denude me of the requisite time and space to apply myself, for believe me, to turn in a decent entry, I really do have to apply myself fully, (not actually being a genius) so there are inevitably times when what I’m writing, while well-meaning and definitely comprising at least one small nugget of something useful, is actually, from an artistic integrity point of view, just a load of old bollocks.

Hopefully this crisis of confidence will be gone soon and normal service will return tomorrow.