The Deck Chair Diaries Part 6

I have been uncharacteristically busy for an Idler.

I jest of course, I have been very busy running NLP training courses for the last six months. I don’t see it as “work” as I enjoy doing it. It is true however, that the NLP field has changed a lot in the last few years (some good, some bad) and I have been making changes to reflect this.

But now I have come to July, which, training wise, is traditionally my quiet time, but as fate would have it I have been struck down with the dreaded lergy. I have had a cold now for nearly two weeks. I haven’t been this ill for years. It began as a nice excuse to lie on the sofa watching Kung Fu movies (if I cannot practice Tai Chi, I will watch other people doing it), but now is just becoming frustrating.

In fact, through the fug of this cold and the constantly changing weather (boiling hot and sunny one day, raining heavily and freezing cold the next) I have no sense of time or place. Sure I can look at the calendar, I KNOW today is the 12th July, but I have no idea of what that means! It could be the depths of winter, spring, summer or autumn, I have no clue! It is oddly disorientating and a bit scary. It is midsummer and I am still looking out of the kitchen window at the mess of the garden thinking  that I must do something about cleaning it up “before summer comes”.

All of which seems far too much like hard work (which is silly, our garden is tiny and it would only be a couple of hours work – and pottering should be one of life’s joys), which shows the level of lethargy and exhaustion I have managed to achieve…

On cheerier news, I recently travelled to Istanbul for a nice little break. The place was amazing, but…

…we wangled an upgrade to business class, so the majority of other travellers in the lounge and on the plane were business travellers. I just couldn’t get over how none of these people seemed to appreciate what they had. They were all so serious and rude and impolite and buried in their work. They are given all these extra little luxuries and they just took them for granted (or were so preoccupied or frazzled that they didn’t even notice). I like a bit of luxury, I appreciate every second of it, yet these suits just didn’t even notice, it was utterly wasted on them. I can see how these people (and movie stars and pop stars, etc) can become so obnoxious, when they start to think this is “normal” and stop appreciating it and being grateful for it. They should all be forced to work on the checkout in Tesco and live in a one-bedroom flat for at least one month a year. That would make them appreciate it…

I will be back once I have fought of this evil germs, continuing my musings on compassion.