The Best of Tortoise Knows Best So Far…(Part 2: The Days)

Continuing the best of theme. Here is the “best of” the days (running from October ’08 – January ’09):

The Little Things
Where I muse on how it is often the little things that we don’t really pay attention too that makes us the happiest in life, not the big bucks stuff we would expect.

Tempo Guisto
About how Slow doesn’t always mean ‘slow’…

Slow Time Part 1

First (and so far only) entry in an occasion series discussing time…

Secret Agent of Slow

How, by slowing down you will start to help and inspire other people to do the same, just by your actions.

How to Be Slow in Fast Environment Series

Part 1:  Centering

Part 2: The Key Traits to be Slow in a Fast Environment.

Part 3: Breathe!

I started this series again and continued it  in the SlowCasts (see yesterdays “Best Of”)

Cleanliness is Next to Slowliness
About how being slow isn’t about being lazy or slothful (a re-occurring theme) and how disorganisation and mess is “anti-Slow”.

Slow Odes Part 1: Public Transport
First (and so far only) post in an occasional series praising Slowness.

Twittering Nonsense.
Being rather critical of Twitter. I have been experimenting with it recently here and will post a follow-up entry soon.
Part 3: The Podbean Days will be up tomorrow.