The Best of Tortoise Knows Best So Far…(Part 1: The Multimedia)

I thought, since this blog has changed homes quite a few times in it’s short life (been going since last October in earnest) and has picked up a lot of new readers in this time, to save everyone from trawling through the old blogs I would list here what I think are the most interesting, or most useful posts to help you to slow down. Don’t worry, to save this getting too long I have split the “Best Of” into 3 parts:

Part 1: The Multimedia (SlowCasts and DeckChair TV)
Part 2: The Days
Part 3: The Podbean Days


Episode 1: Preview
This first SlowCast from the Slow Coach gives you a preview of things to come and information about what these SlowCasts are all about! Hope you enjoy it…

Episode 2: A Proper Welcome
In this, long awaited, second podcast, the Slow Coach says hello properly, sets up what he has in store for future slowcasts and gives you some essential tips to start slowing down now…

Episode 3: Is Slow Luddite?
In episode 3 of the Slow Casts the Slow Coach discusses technology and whether it is useful to or bad for slowing down, including brief info about Luddism and how it fits into the Slow Philosophy.

Episode 4: Slow in a Fast Environment Part 1

In episode 4 of the SlowCasts, The Slow Coach discusses how to be slow in a fast environment an the techniques required to become a true Idler, no matter where you are.

Episode 5: Slow in a Fast Environment Part 2
In Part 2 of “How to be Slow in a Fast Environment” the Slow Coach looks at the importance of finding your centre and breathing properly.

Episode 6: Slow in a Fast Environment Part 3

In  part 3 of “Slow in a Fast Environment”, the Slow Coach talks about the importance of posture.

Episode 7: An Interlude, How to Slow Down Again
In this, very belated, new podcast, the Slow Coach takes a break and talks about what do to if you find yourself speeding up when you want to be slowing down…

DeckChair TV

Episode 1: Welcome
Deck Chair TV Episodes are now available as video podcasts!
In this first episode the Slow Coach welcomes you to Deck Chair TV.

Episode 2: Multitasking
In this, the second episode of Deckchair TV, our intrepid Slow Coach discusses multitasking and how it isn’t all it is cracked up to be! So sit back, relax and enjoy. Episode 3 will be up soon.

Episode 3: Time Travel
In Episode 3 of Deck Chair TV the Slow Coach talks about how we can make sure we appreciate every moment that we have.

Episode 4: The Businessman and the Fisherman

In Episode 4 of Deck Chair TV the Slow Coach tells you one of his favourite stories.

Episode 5: Idle Exercise
In Episode 5 of Deck Chair TV the Slow Coach takes about what an idler does to keep fit and what is slow sport and slo exercise!

Episode 6: A Brief History
In the penultimate episode of Deck Chair TV Season 1, the Slow Coach gives a very brief (if you will excuse the irony) history of the Slow Movement.

Episode 7: The River
In the season finale the Slow Coach tells us a story that a friend of his once told him. Deck Chair TV will return soon with season 2. Stay tuned…

Tomorrow will be part 2: The Days…