Make 2010 Your Year for Slowing Down!

(Please excuse the brazen “plug” nature of this blog post) In the spirit of New Years Resolutions, make 2010 your year for slowing down… If you are serious about slowing down this year and want make certain your succeed, one of the easiest, and most powerful ways is a series of one-to-one coaching sessions. I [...] Read more »

SlowCast Episode 9: Muses and Saint Monday

You can here the news SlowCast here, or subscribe in iTunes here. Below is a transcript: Once again a month seems to have passed since I last produced a Slow cast, it is certainly not because I have been being tardy. Far from it. I wish I had! I have been busy, busy, busy (and [...] Read more »

Slow Seminars – Some Tortoise Training Events

I have added some seminars to run this autumn. I have done my best to make the price as fair as possible at £55 per place. If you can’t attend don’t worry, hopefully the events will be recorded and made available on this site (for a small charge). All seminars are taking place in Birmingham [...] Read more »