Compassion: The Second Keystone of a Tortoise Mind

Compassion is not very fashionable nowadays. Our hare-brained society rewards and favours (and even deifies on some occasions) the rude, the aggressive and the self centred. Hare-brained people hide behind terms like “assertiveness” or “honesty” or “just telling it how it is”, when they are simply being rude, judgemental and self centred. They mock people [...] Read more »

The Eye of the Storm: Remaining Calm in a Hectic Environment

The Christmas festive period is upon us, which means that suddenly people appear from everywhere and clutter the shops, roads malls and town centres, making even a simple errand 10 times more difficult and time consuming. It is easy being “tortoise-minded” and embrace the slow philosophy, psychology and lifestyle if you stay out of the [...] Read more »

4 Physical Ways to Slow Down

I talk a lot about cultivating your “tortoise mind”, in fact, one could say it is the raison d’être of this blog. However, really, talking just about the “tortoise mind” is somewhat of a red herring, as our mind and body are intrinsically linked and one affects the other. One of the fastest ways to [...] Read more »

The Deck Chair Diaries Part 2

It has been a while hasn’t it? I am all of a muddle, having had a busy month or so and have been neglecting all my online duties. Back in the middle of June (the 16th to be exact), my main website, where I promote all my courses, products and coaching keeled over, catastrophically. [...] Read more »

The Deckchair Diaries Part 1

Originally inspired by Tom Hodgkinson’s Country Diary and the excellent Orwell Diaries, this blog, when it was over at was entitled the “Deckchair Diaries” and was a more personal journal of my journey on the path to slowing down. Some readers have requested a bit more of a personal touch on this site, with [...] Read more »