In Hibernation

Those of your with keen senses may have noticed this blog has not been updated for some time (even by slowblogging standards).  After 4 years of writing I have decided to take a hiatus. Like any good tortoise, it has gone into hibernation for the winter months and will most probably emerge some time in [...] Read more »

Slow Twittering: Is It Possible? And, Should I Bother?

I have never got Twitter. I have, in fact, been quite mean about it in the past (see my “Twittering Nonsense” post here), then I changed my mind and decided, misquoting Shakespeare (one of my all time favourite people), that “there is nothing (inherently) slow or fast, but thinking (or acting) makes it so”. So, [...] Read more »

This is a Slow Blog

Slow Blogging applies the slow philosophy to the blogosphere. It eschews the current blogging paradigm of “faster equals better” and that posting blog entries frequently is necessary, or in fact, that posting frequently is the “right way” to blog. This blog “happens when it happens” and will be updated as and when I have something [...] Read more »

A Quick (!) Update

Hi, Sorry for the lack of blogging of late. I have been away on holiday and whilst I was away I have been finding myself mulling over the future of the blog/journal part of this site. I will publish a full entry about this and what I intend to do in the next few days. [...] Read more »