Tortoise Knows Best 2.0

My apologies for the silence over the last couple of weeks (well, this is a Slow Blog…), after my last blog post about the story so far and what I plan to do in the future, it planted a seed of an idea of how to proceed, a slight change in direction and new, more [...] Read more »

This is a Slow Blog

Slow Blogging applies the slow philosophy to the blogosphere. It eschews the current blogging paradigm of “faster equals better” and that posting blog entries frequently is necessary, or in fact, that posting frequently is the “right way” to blog. This blog “happens when it happens” and will be updated as and when I have something [...] Read more »

The Best of Tortoise Knows Best So Far… (Part 3: The Podbean Days)

In the final instalment of this “Best of So Far… (up to June 09)” series is the Podbean days. Remember I will be continuing to be using Podbean for podcasts… Save Your Money, Save the World! Being Slow is not just about appreciating the time we have, it is a philosophy built on reducing waste. [...] Read more »

The Best of Tortoise Knows Best So Far…(Part 2: The Days)

Continuing the best of theme. Here is the “best of” the days (running from October ’08 – January ’09): The Little Things Where I muse on how it is often the little things that we don’t really pay attention too that makes us the happiest in life, not the big bucks stuff we would [...] Read more »

Slow Blogging

Slow gets everywhere! Whilst surfing the net the other night and doing a spot of research on blogging and the Slow movement, I came across this article: Blogging traditionally is a “fast” activity. People demand constant and fresh, regular, relevant updates and bloggers often rush to be the first to break or comment on [...] Read more »