The Deckchair Diaries Part 1

Originally inspired by Tom Hodgkinson’s Country Diary and the excellent Orwell Diaries, this blog, when it was over at was entitled the “Deckchair Diaries” and was a more personal journal of my journey on the path to slowing down. Some readers have requested a bit more of a personal touch on this site, with [...] Read more »

The 3 Keys to a Slow and Happy Life

One of the reasons I stopped blogging so regularly was because, well, I was running out of things to say. You see, the Slow life is the simple life is the easy life. And, so in my quest to become slower, unflustered, uncomplicated and uncluttered, I often found that I was practicing the same things [...] Read more »

Slow Down from the Inside Out

When I initially came across the slow movement, idling, and associated fields, it wasn’t Slow Food, or Slow Travel, or even Slow Sex, or any of those external activities that caught my attention, it was the philosophy behind the slow movement and the mindset you developed from embracing that philosophy; the psychology of slow, or [...] Read more »

Slow Twittering: Is It Possible? And, Should I Bother?

I have never got Twitter. I have, in fact, been quite mean about it in the past (see my “Twittering Nonsense” post here), then I changed my mind and decided, misquoting Shakespeare (one of my all time favourite people), that “there is nothing (inherently) slow or fast, but thinking (or acting) makes it so”. So, [...] Read more »

The Lighter Side of Slow

I remember hearing the late great Robert Anton Wilson talking about the term “Hilaritas”, which is derived from a Greek word, meaning to “live joyfully” and was supposedly used to describe the gods. You could tell they were a god because the had “Hilaritas”. Humour is incredibly important to the Slow mindset. Humour has power. [...] Read more »

Slow Cast Episode 8: Manners Maketh the Idler RE-UPLOADED

Oops! My apologies for the SlowCast uploaded last Thursday, it didn’t seem to get past the 2 minute mark! Many thanks to the people who have sent emails and comments letting me know. I have reuploaded the SlowCast, and it should hopefully work OK now. You can listen to the full podcast here: SC Read more »

The Idler and The New Escapologist: 2 Publications of Interest.

I apologies, I don’t have time to write a proper entry today, so I just wanted to draw your attention to 2 periodicals that I read regularly and highly recommend: The Idler I have been reading the Idler for 2 years now, it was the first inspirations for me to take up the idle or [...] Read more »