Saint Monday Coaching and The Tai Chi Guy


Just a shortish post to let you know what I have been up to.

Saint Monday Coaching

Firstly I have a new coaching practice in Cardiff, South Wales, where I will be doing coaching and teaching (one to one at the moment) Tai Chi and Meditation/mindfulness.

I will still be doing telephone and Skype sessions for people who cannot meet face to face, so don’t worry, but if you do want face-to-face sessions and can get to Cardiff, it would be great to see you there!

I will be seeing clients on a Monday between 3pm and 9pm (I have dubbed it my “Saint Monday Coaching Practice”!) at:
Associated Contemporary Therapists LTD
53 The Parade
CF24 3AB

The coaching page will be updated as soon as I can (I am away for the next month and off doing trainings, so I may not get the chance to do it until I get back). If you or anyone you know may be interested, either give the coaching page a read to find out more about what I do, or feel free to contact me by clicking here.

The Tai Chi Guy

I have been meaning for awhile (well since I started this blog to be honest) to write a post waxing lyrical about my addiction to the magical art of Tai Chi. I have been doing martial arts for over 20 years and I have been Tai Chi for 10 years of that and been teaching martial arts since 1999 (Tai Chi since 2007).

I will be adding details about Tai Chi and how you can learn it very soon, until then check out my dedicated Tai Chi site at

So, rather than doing a post here about Tai Chi, I have set up a specific blog about my adventures:

Confessions of a Tai Chi Addict

If you are interested in learning more about Tai Chi (and my often idiosyncratic take on the subject) please check it out. It is in it’s early stages at the moment, so I haven’t added any RSS or anything yet, but things will be added soon(ish).

I think that is about it, I will be back next time chatting more about Slow Blogging and my Slow Blogging Manifesto. When I get round to it.

Now if you will excuse me, all this talk about Tai Chi has put me in the mood to wave my arms around a bit…