New Year Re-Slow-lutions: Direction Not Goal

Hello and welcome to 2012. It is that time of year again where people tend to start thinking about ways they want to change their lives and setting themselves goals they want to achieve.

There are problems with this goal setting (and striving to achieve them) approach.

Most peoples goals are very poorly defined and are some vague desire in some unspecified time in the future.

With goal setting you tend to only focus on the result and ignore the process of getting there. You are focused on the future rather than the present moment. Missing all the amazing things that are going on around you.

If you don’t succeed in your goal (even if you get damn close), you have that terrible sense failure which you try and compensate for by returning to quick fixes and instant gratification.

If you do achieve a goal, you have no idea what do to next, so any gains are often short lived. It is why so many people who aim to lose a certain amount of weight pile it back on again once they get there.

It is much more likely you will get the life you want if you abandon the goal setting and achieving concept and aim for focusing you life in a particular direction.

What’s the Difference Between Goal and Direction?

The difference between direction and goals is the way you describe what you want to do. For example, wanting to lose weight is goal, wanting a fit and healthy lifestyle is a direction (that will probably mean  that you achieve the goal of weight loss).

So, when you think of the changes you want to make in your life, ask yourself “How will my life be better when I have achieved this goal/result?”, define to yourself what you lifestyle will be like and then focus on that. (it may include some goals along the way, but they are secondary to the direction and act more as “mile markers” along the way).

Remember life is a journey NOT a destination.