Slow Coaching

Coaching Sessions to Help You Become a Flaneur of Life

“This is a unique approach to coaching and change.”

The term Flaneur was coined in 19th century Paris, to describe a “gentleman (or lady) stroller of the streets”. They strolled for the sake of strolling, drinking in the details and observing life. They had a slow, relaxed manner and where not rushed or hurried. They appreciated the journey.

A Flaneur of Life recognises that life is a journey and the joy to life is appreciating that journey, to stroll and not rush, to drink in the detail and enjoy the moments.

Stressed? Strung Out? Harassed? Have no idea what you are doing or why you are doing it? Then coaching with me WILL help.

I have been involved in coaching for over 15 years and have developed a highly effective system to  overcome huddles and stumbling blocks in your life to help you reconnect.

Coaching That Is a Little Bit Different

Most coaching – executive coaching, life coaching, success coaching high performance coaching is about GETTING STUFF DONE, achieving things and generally doing as much as you can.

Slow coaching is not about that, it is about appreciation not achievement. Sure, your productivity will increase, you will find you naturally start to be more organised once you understand what actually needs to be done and find yourself less distracted and harassed. But much more than that you will start to feel connected with your life, to appreciate it more and atlas feel like you are living rather than just existing. Doing things for the pleasure of doing them, rather than to just get them done.

My job is to help you reconnect with your life, decide what you want and help you live it. It’s that simple.

Zen and the Art of Coaching – A Mindful Approach

I have been involved in mindfulness, meditation and Buddhism for over 20 years and – long before mindfulness became the darling of the self help world – inspired by the words of Caroline and David Brazier, I considered mindfulness the core tenet of my one-to-one work with clients.

Although what I do is not “Buddhist” I draw heavily from experiences in Eastern philosophy and, combining mindfulness with other strategies and techniques that I have developed from coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), hypnosis and other psychological tools I have developed a very effective methodology to help people embrace their tortoise mind and become a Flaneur of Life!

A Dash of Western Philosophical Wisdom

“He who cannot draw on three thousand years is living from hand to mouth.”
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Along with my experiences with Eastern Philosophy, I draw from the rich wellspring of Western Philosophy to help my clients live a slower, more meaningful life.

Many people think of philosophy as a dry, academic subject or maybe as something pompous and pretentious, divorced from our day to day lives. Very people think of it as vibrate well of life lessons.

But philosophy WAS self help before self help existed!

Drawing from the idea of great philosophers such as Seneca, Camus, Satre and authors such as Proust and Joyce, I use their knowledge and their little gems of philosophical wisdom to help you live the slow life you want to live.

How Does It Work? A Case Study

In October 2009 I worked with Katie, a journalist at Cosmopolitan magazine, to help her slow her life down, you can read about her experiences HERE. It is a great article that tells you the sort of things we would do in your coaching sessions and the best way to illustrate how they work.

Some of the Benefits

“Slow” coaching tends to be “client led”, by which I mean that we work on what you want to work on. But some of the most common benefits of “slow” coaching:

  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Relax and de-tress
  • Become calm and collected
  • Focus on the things you really want to get out of life
  • Reconnect with life and appreciate the present moment
  • Sleep better
  • Become healthier and more energised
  • Get control on your spending and your finances
  • Melt away worries and concerns
  • Unlock your creativity


Sessions can be done over Skype, via email exchange or even the old fashioned way; face-to-face.


I predominantly do coaching sessions via skype, it is easy simple and free to use. I have experimented with this format for 2 years and find it as effective as face-to-face sessions. Using Skype means I can (and have) coached people from all over the world (including Australia, which meant getting up very early!).


Another option that works very well if you cannot do Skype sessions is email exchanged.This can sometimes be a very effective way take time to consider, explore and vocalise your issues and I will respond with help, questions, techniques or recommended resources. I will reply to emails within 24 hours, but you can take as long as you want or need.

Face-to-Face Sessions

I am happy to meet face-to-face, please contact me to discuss fees and options.


Sessions are about 45-minutes to an hour or until an appropriate place seems to be reached (whichever is shorter). Longer or shorter sessions can be booked at any one time if it seems appropriate.

It is best for people to make a real change in their lives that they commit to a series of sessions in advance. So after the first initial session (to make sure this suits you) we will discuss a course of action and an approximate number of session, you can either book all the sessions at once (for a discount – please see “bundles” below) or one at a time

Clients usually get the greatest benefit from one weekly session for the first 6 to 8 weeks, and then once a month for another three to four months (or as long as you wish). But this is totally flexible to your needs and requirements.

Email coaching is done via blocks of 5 emails.


The first 60-minute consultation is £85 with no obligations thereafter.

Thereafter single sessions are priced at £65 (approx $100 / €80).

I appreciate, that often you will get most benefit from a series of sessions, therefore I offer the following “bundles”:

4 Skype sessions for £235.

9 Skype sessions (AND email support between session) for £500.

Email coaching is charged at £85 per 5 email exchange (including initial email consultation questionnaire).

Fee’s are payable via PayPal.


Choose your option of a single session, a “bundle” or email coaching.

Click here to contact me to book, I will send you a few questions to get some more background on where you’re at and what you want to get out of the session and an invoice via paypal for the initial consultation (or series of emails).

Once payment has been received, if you want Skype sessions, we’ll figure out the best date and time for us to meet up, if you want email support we can start straight away.

PLEASE NOTE: I only accept a small number of clients at any one time to give you  the best possible support. This means I will sometime have a waiting list. To avoid any delay please contact me as soon as possible to book your initial consultation.


  1. I try and be as flexible as possible about payment. Paypal is preferred, but I am happy to accept cash (via bank transfer) or cheque.
  2. I invoice in GBP, but Paypal should convert it to your local currency.
  3. Failure to attend a session without reasonable notice will be charged at full rate and a second session will rarely be offered (sorry, but I do have a lot of timewasters and people messing me around, so I have gotten very strict on this).
  4. Payments cannot be refunded.
  5. All prices include UK VAT.
  6. Receipts or Pro-forma invoices can be supplied upon request.


I think of myself like any other professional service, such as an accountant or lawyer, just because you are not specifically using them doesn’t mean they are not there for you. I keep your file “open” indefinitely and at any time in the future, if you want to contact me for further sessions, “top ups” or just a chat please feel free.


If you GENUINELY cannot afford the session rates (and I have done my very best to keep them at an affordable level), please contact me to discuss options, sometimes there is a mutually beneficial way that we can work together.


Client confidentially is assured at all times. I act fully in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998. In addition to an initial questionnaire, I may write some notes immediately after a session, these are then stored securely. The nature of the information would be that of factual short notes or ‘memory joggers’ for future reference, and would be designed in a way to assist if further sessions are required. The client has full access to view these notes if they desire.


I am a qualified NLP trainer and coach, with 15 years expereience. I have studied mindful approaches to therapy and have been practicing mindfulness meditation for nearly 20 years. I make no claims to be a qualified psychologist or therapist. If you have, or suspect you have a serious psychological issue, I urge you to speak to your healthcare professional or GP as a first instance.

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