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Don’t Do Something, Just Sit There! A Simple Introductory Guide to Mindfulness Meditation – Now Exclusively on Kindle.

Do you want to learn to meditate but don’t know where to start?

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Mindfulness meditation is a powerful tool of personal change. What seems a deceptively simple process has the potential to undo unwanted thoughts and behaviours and generate alternative ways of acting and thinking.

Mindfulness is traditionally a spiritual or religious process, but has been explored and studied by psychologist since the 1970’s and has been formalised into a number of therapeutic applications that have been shown to work with issues such as stress reduction, anxiety and depression and chronic pain.

This is a complete beginners guide and I have done my best to cover every aspect of the meditation process, simply and without fluff or padding. Including:

  • Breathing, postural and relaxation exercise.
  • How to sit in meditation to get the most benefit.
  • Warm up exercises.
  • The equipment that you need.
  • A simple (yet very powerful) mindfulness meditation.
  • How to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life.

There is over 30 years of scientific evidence (and over 2500 years of anecdotal evidence!) that suggests that a simple practice of mindfulness meditation can:

  • Slow the effects of ageing on the brain (it makes your brain “denser”!).
  • Create razor sharp concentration
  • Reduce stress and stress related illnesses and effects.
  • Banish depression and the stranglehold of negative emotions
  • Act more appropriately, spontaneously, in any situation (and feel more confident)
  • Let go of cravings and attachments.
  • Live more in the moment, not dwelling on the past or focusing on the future.
  • Increase your sense of well being.

I firmly believe that a daily meditation routine is one of the best ways to improve your health and well being.

Why Publish it on Kindle?

Because Kindle publishing gives you the most flexible way to read the book. You don’t need to own a Kindle to, you can download the (free) Kindle reader app for your phone, tablet, or PC, including:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Windows 7 phone
  • Windows and Mac

My other ebooks will be following onto Kindle very soon.

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