Idlers Accessories: The Walking Stick

2569cm-gehstock-braun-walking-stick-brown-classicI lament the passing of the days when a gentleman wouldn’t leave the house without a walking stick. You see, I have a bit of a “gammy” knee, nothing too serious, I can still do Tai Chi, squat heavy weights, and walk without a limp, but I can’t run and occasionally when walking down hill, or stairs, my knee gives out and I fall over. Which can be quite embarrassing. So I often walk with a cane, but I don’t limp, so I sometimes feel a bit daft strolling round looking perfectly healthy, but with a stick (how pretentious)!

But, with my experience of using a stick, I think it needs a bit of a resurgence, it is an excellent idlers accessory. It is incredibly useful and can make walking a more leisurely experience. You seem to walk with a better, more casual rhythm when you are walking with a cane, like it is a metronome swinging at you side, counting out a slow beat.

Beyond that it has a host of uses: You can use it balance yourself; lean on it when you are bending over, or staring into space, or sitting on a bench; you can point with it; poke things with it; and (if you use a crook handle cane, which I recommend) you can reach for things. You could even (with a bit of practice), use the walking stick as a very effective form of self-defence, in the unfortunate event that you should ever need to (learn the Tai Chi walking stick form).

I think it is about time the cane had a renaissance!

Looks like rain? Get a hook handle umbrella instead…



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