i-Matter by Tracey StahlStaying in the literary theme I started last entry with my celebration of Ulysses, Tracy Sohl, a long time reader of this blog and all round lovely person has written a little book called i-Matter, and she kindly sent me a copy.

And I really love it!

Lets begin with the title, i-Matter is short for “Intelligent Matter”, and being a bit of a linguistic nerd I really like the play on words and the tapping into the zeitgeist where i-anything is still cool.

Inside, the basic premise of the book is that we are matter made conscious and how, by using that knowledge, we can live a more fulfilling life. I appreciate that this maybe a little hippyish or out there for some of my more pragmatic readers, but I love that stuff! We are, after all, made of star dust, we are the universe becoming aware of itself.

In this brilliant little book Tracey takes the concept that we are intelligent matter as the starting point of showing how we can – by carrying out a series of meditations, contemplations and thought experiments – reconnect with our lives and live it a more meaningful way.

This book could easily have been the same old rehash of banal self-help spiritual cliches that make up the vast majority of self-published vanity books on the subject, but Tracy – by never losing sight of the core concept of the book – manages to deliver something fresh and unique. Yes, in places the message isn’t exactly new, but by sticking to her core philosophy she manages to deliver the ideas in a fresh way.

Tracy has clearly researched this book and it is chock full of quotes and references to back up her argument, this not only makes the book more credible, but introduces you to a whole host of new ideas and concepts along the way. There is no doubt that it would be poo pooed by the more fundamentalist materialist types but, lets be honest, that is not the audience she is aiming for.

There are a few mixed metaphors in there, and at times some of the concepts don’t quite feel fully developed yet, but I applaud her for taking on a huge concept and distilling it down into 60 pages of pragmatic and incredibly easily readable advice on how to live our lives more fully.

This book deserves a wider audience and I very much hope it acts as a calling card that will garner her more recognition (I had a quick look at the amazon.com page for the book and she has already garnered 43 reviews all of which are extremely positive – which is very impressive for a self published work). With the ideas she has and the passion in which she expresses them, I can see her doing a TED Talk in a few years time!

You can get it on Kindle at Amazon here: