How to Slow Down Again

I thought since I have recently falling off the Slow train I would discuss in this blog some ways to start slowing down again if you find yourself accidentally slipping back into those fast, hare brained ways….

1. Don’t Give Up!
We are used to demanding and getting results very quickly and if we don’t we become impatient and give up and move onto the next thing that will give us that instant gratification.

But don’t give up, it is natural that we will slip up and make mistakes from time to time, doesn’t mean we have to give up. Thomas Edison took over 2000 attempts to make a light bulb after all…

2. Don’t Beat Yourself Up About It
We all make mistakes, beating yourself up will just mean it will take longer to get back on the slow train. And it will make you feel bad. So, what’s the point. Self criticism, like over-confidence, is a hare brained process.

3. Pay Attention.
Become mindful of your thought processes, and the feelings you are getting. Don’t judge it, just be mindful of the thoughts and feelings, this will help you stop associating with the mistake and give you some distance and perspective to remind yourself why you want to slow down. Use that thought to motivate yourself to start slowing down again.

4. STOP!
Don’t rush to get back on the Slow train. Rushing to Slow Down in is rather absurd don’t you think? Take some time off, an hour, a day, a week, however much time you have and think you need. Chill out relax, don’t actively do anything either slow or fast, just make some space

5. Learn From It
What was it that caused you to fall off? Was it a specific event? Or a series of things? Was it your thinking? Your organisation skills? See what it was and then focus your time in sorting that area out…

6. Start Slowing Down Again. Slowly.
Pick one of the key area’s of slowing down. Maybe de-cluttering your life, maybe practicing being mindful, maybe focusing on single tasking and slowly start adding more slow processes. Before you know it you will be back in the Slow swing of things!
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