How to Develop Slow Speech

Here are just a few ways you can practice slow speech, become less critical and more positive in what you say. This will have an affect that more people will like you and want to hang out with you. Which is nice…

Be grateful – the happier you are with your life the less likely you will be to be a moaning bitch!

Practice your manners.

If you find yourself moaning and complaining – Stop! Take a deep breath and focus on something good.

If that doesn’t work, give yourself exactly 1 minute and 37 seconds to get it out of your system, on the understanding that as soon as that time is up you will go and do something more useful. Time it and stick to it!

Give everyone you meet today  a compliment.

Compliment your kids/husband/wife/better half AT LEAST 10 times each day…

Reflect on what you say before you say, don’t rush to comment.

If you are mean about someone in your head (shout at an inconsiderate driver for example), send them good wishes immediately afterwards.

Become genuinely interested in people. Everyone is unique and fascinating, learn about them and express that interest and fascination…