How to be Slow in a Fast Environment Part 2

blurred_crowdI started this theme a few months ago on my last trip to London. You can find that post here.

I have just recently returned from a trip to London once again, so I thought now would a good time to carry on with this theme. As I said last time, Slow is not about be dull witted, crawling along and not paying attention, it is in fact the exact opposite and can be defined by words like “unhurried”, “unflustered” and “mindful” other key traits of a slow person is to have impeccable manners (because they are mindful and unflustered they don’t snap and are kind and considerate), and be cheery and optimistic.

I like the term “Hilaritas” that I learned from Robert Anton Wilson. “Hilaritas” allegedly derives from a Greek word, meaning “live joyfully and be proud of who you are” (although I have never found any evidence to back this up, so I think it may be a made up word. But who cares? All words are made up really aren’t they?).

I am sure you have seen people like this, (I usually see them at the airport – and am always very envious, as I haven’t perfected this yet!) they stroll through a busy and disorganised environment, remaining calm and cool as a cucumber, they are polite and always seem to get there before you even though you have been rushing and they have seemingly been strolling long. They often get served fist too, and end up with an upgrade!

And look just damn cool… See, this slow lark is worth it isn’t it?

They are living embodiment of Slow. Even in a stressful environment they are slow and unflustered.

Envious? Well with a bit of practice you can be just like them! I have taken some time to study these people and have elicited their key traits of that if you integrate them into your behaviour and thinking, very quickly (ironically) you can become one of those people too!

I have already spoken about the first trait in my last “How to be slow in a fast environment” post. Which was centring. Personally I believe this is the number one behaviour to develop. Everythign else on the lsit below begins there. Practice this one and the rest will become more easily. Below I have listed other key traits. That I will go into detail with in the next few posts:

  • Optimism. PMA is where it is at!
  • The power of posture
  • Breathe!
  • A gentle touch.
  • Look good, feel good, look good (The Trinny and Susannah effect)
  • Mindful awareness (now where you are and where you are going)
  • Courteous thinking (manners are their own reward)

Until then, have a good weekend and speak to you again on Tuesday!