De-clutter your mind to give you space to slow down. Part 6: Shoulds

Right, we are onto the last step of de-cluttering your mind. Tomorrow I will post a short review of the steps.

The final step is to deal with those annoying “shoulds”, you know the things on the list you found it very difficult to get rid of or cross off because they seemed very important you think you should be doing them.

Well, who says? We spend a lot of our time doing and stressing about things we think we should do. Yet we rarely stop and question why we should be doing them. They are things we have picked up as habits from other people telling us to do things. Often we have picked them up at an early age and just do them over and over again, until they become habit and we carry on doing them even though the reason we did them (if there ever was one) is long gone.

So, if there is anything on your list that you feel compelled to carry on doing even though it doesn’t have an obvious reason or creates as obvious result, or you have thought of a better way of doing it it, it is probably a “should”.

How do we deal with “shoulds”? Well it would be very easy for me to say “jut stop doing them”, but it isn’t as easy as that is it?

So what I propose is a series of “should” fasts:

Get the list of things you think may be “shoulds” , start at the top and resolve to stop doing the first one for two weeks, just two weeks, that is all. If there is a need for you to do it, you will notice within those two weeks and you can start doing it again. If you don’t find a reason or doing it in those two weeks, cross it off the list, never do it again and move on to the next list.

Why one at a time and for two weeks?

Well, remember the best way to slow down is slowly, if you try and slow down too fast you will end up getting in a mess and fluster and be back at square one before you know it.

So, by doing one at a time you can focus on it and make sure you do it properly, and the 2 weeks thing  is to give you enough time to consciously break the habit.

Make sense?