Compassionate Practice

Buddhism has a very powerful meditation called Metta Bhavana or “Development of Compassion” which is an excellent exercise in developing loving kindest or friendship. Recent studies have suggested that regulate Metta practice can have positive effects on both your physical health and your mental well being. How To Do It There are six stages to [...] Read more »

Flirting with the Muse: Overcoming Writers Block

Wow! It has been awhile… In fact I haven’t really got into the rhythm of writing yet in 2011 and it is April already. I have been going through a period of unprecedented busyness since the start of the year. I recognise it all as the interplay of Yin and Yang, expansion and contraction, busy [...] Read more »

4 Physical Ways to Slow Down

I talk a lot about cultivating your “tortoise mind”, in fact, one could say it is the raison d’être of this blog. However, really, talking just about the “tortoise mind” is somewhat of a red herring, as our mind and body are intrinsically linked and one affects the other. One of the fastest ways to [...] Read more »

Slow and Minimalism

I was reading the other day about Leo Babauta (the public face of minimalism) and Robert Wringham (the editor of  the New Escapologist) only own 50 and 20 things respectively. I own shit loads of stuff. And I don’t care. I never saw slowing down being particularly about minimalism, or jettisoning things. Minimalism, frugality and [...] Read more »