How To Sit In Meditation

Eyes: You can close them if it is comfortable, but that can promote drowsiness or excessive mental activity. It is best to allow your eyelids to relax and half close. You should focus on the ground approximately 4 feet in front of you. Ears: To make sure your head, neck and spine are aligned properly, [...] Read more »

Mindfulness Without Compassion

As I discussed in my last blog entry, this year I am focusing on being nice to people, being kinder and more compassionate to everyone and cultivate Metta (a Pali word for benevolence, friendship, etc often used in Buddhism). When asked by a friend recently why I have decided to spend time practicing being nice [...] Read more »


Staying in the literary theme I started last entry with my celebration of Ulysses, Tracy Sohl, a long time reader of this blog and all round lovely person has written a little book called i-Matter, and she kindly sent me a copy. And I really love it! Lets begin with the title, i-Matter is short [...] Read more »

In Hibernation

Those of your with keen senses may have noticed this blog has not been updated for some time (even by slowblogging standards).  After 4 years of writing I have decided to take a hiatus. Like any good tortoise, it has gone into hibernation for the winter months and will most probably emerge some time in [...] Read more »

Meditation Guide Now Exclusively on Kindle

Don’t Do Something, Just Sit There! A Simple Introductory Guide to Mindfulness Meditation – Now Exclusively on Kindle. Do you want to learn to meditate but don’t know where to start? Click here to buy now: Mindfulness meditation is a powerful tool of personal change. What seems a deceptively simple process has the [...] Read more »

One Minute Meditation

Even if you have have a regular meditation practice (and if you don’t, I highly recommend that you cultivate one), you will find at times, in the hustle and bustle of life, yourself being swept away, distracted, harassed and flustered. At times like this I have developed a “one minute meditation” (although, in reality it [...] Read more »