Compassion: The Second Keystone of a Tortoise Mind

Compassion is not very fashionable nowadays. Our hare-brained society rewards and favours (and even deifies on some occasions) the rude, the aggressive and the self centred. Hare-brained people hide behind terms like “assertiveness” or “honesty” or “just telling it how it is”, when they are simply being rude, judgemental and self centred. They mock people [...] Read more »

Flirting with the Muse: Overcoming Writers Block

Wow! It has been awhile… In fact I haven’t really got into the rhythm of writing yet in 2011 and it is April already. I have been going through a period of unprecedented busyness since the start of the year. I recognise it all as the interplay of Yin and Yang, expansion and contraction, busy [...] Read more »

Embrace Your Own Tempo Giusto

In music Tempo Giusto means to play in “exact time”, in Carl Honore’s seminal work “In Praise of Slow(ness)” he discusses the idea of Tempus Guisto as applied to our lifestyles meaning living at the “right tempo”. You see, the Slow Philosophy is not about doing everything at a snails pace, crawling along or grinding [...] Read more »

Please Excuse The Mess

Hello there, as you can probably see Tortoise Knows Best is going through a little bit of a renovation and redecoration; a slap of whitewash and some restructuring work. Most of it has been done on a test site, but there are a few things I need to do live as it were. The site [...] Read more »

Tortoise Knows Best 2.0

My apologies for the silence over the last couple of weeks (well, this is a Slow Blog…), after my last blog post about the story so far and what I plan to do in the future, it planted a seed of an idea of how to proceed, a slight change in direction and new, more [...] Read more »