Blog as if No One is Reading

I have just deleted Google Analytics from this site.

I got sick of staring at it, of worrying about how many readers I have, who has been looking at my site, what keywords people are using.

Every time I wrote a blog entry I would panic about how many people would read it, whether they would like it or leave, never to return.

I would get painfully jealous of more “successful” bloggers (by which I mean bloggers with more – or at least, claim more – readers than I) and be mean about them in my mind.

I now resolve to write as if no one is reading. What I mean is this:

I endeavour to live the “slow life”, the idle life, to embrace the Slow Movement, to cultivate my “tortoise mind”. I also help other people to do the same. I blog about it, I enjoy blogging about and hope my blogs are interesting and useful to those that find them. No matter how many (or few) readers there are.

Fretting about how many people were actually reading (or subscribing) just distracted me from this. I was blogging to get readers (or not lose any). I was going about it all the wrong way.

So here I am, writing this having no clue how many people may read it. I can no longer worry about whether my blog is more or less popular than the next persons, as I just don’t know!

It feels incredibly liberating.

See you again soon (assuming someone is actually reading this…)