Matt Caulfield, Slow Living Consultant

The Success Coach that Slowed Down…

profile imageMatt Caulfield is an internationally recognised NLP Trainer and Coach. Over the last 10 years he has worked with 1000’s of individuals and organisations to create positive improvement.


As his success grew, he found himself becoming more and more stressed and more and more unhappy with what he was doing. Why? He didn’t understand it, he believed in what he did, he was good at it, hewas working hard, he was successful, yet there seemed to be something missing. Then a chance discovery of Carl Honore’s book “In Praise of Slow” (he actually ordered it by mistake off Amazon) which gave him the catalyst he needed to do something new!

So he abandoned his “success coach” persona and started working on ways to slow down and refocus on what he wanted from life instead. The problem he found with the goal based, success, approach was that it was always future facing, you were always focusing on some far of time in the future, something you needed to or wanted to achieve. Life doesn’t happen in the future, it happens NOW.

As he continued to develop these skill-sets and models he found more and more people in the similar or same position as him. People who found they wanted or needed to slow down, but didn’t know how.

Matt is based in South Wales, UK,  just north of Cardiff, near the beautiful Brecon Beacons national park and runs a training, coaching and consultancy business. But nowadays he doesn’t focus on the future, he focuses on the here and now.

To contact Matt and discuss anything about slow living, mindfulness, Tai Chi or productivity contact him by clicking here.