A Seasonal Thought

There is an irony at this time of year. Everyone talks about the “season of goodwill” but other than making a few (forced) false platitudes, sending Christmas cards and gifts (often because they think they should, or because of some selfish reason to be seen to be being generous) most people become (much more) self centred and self absorbed. This reflects in the outward behaviours of being rude, ill tempered and impatient. People push and shove and barge and harangue to get done what they think they should get done (normally, overspending on food and drink that will most probably be dumped uneaten in the New Year and just lead to increased debt).

As I watch people push and shove and rush around not getting anywhere, the thing I always think is that if everyone were just a little more compassionate, mindful and polite to each other and actually embraced the spirit of this time of year, everyone would actually get everything done much more quickly and with less stress. It is our selfish desire to get everything done quickly that stops us from actually getting it done quickly.

Slow down, go faster.

See you in 2012.