Slow Eating

There is a lot talked about Slow Food and the Slow Food Movement. It was, in fact, the genesis of the modern Slow Movement. Unlike other slow movements, it has a figurehead (Carlo Petrini), its own website ( and many “officially” sanctioned organisations around the globe. The Slow Food Movement seems to be mainly concerned [...] Read more »

The Deck Chair Diaries Part 4

I have been working away recently (as I often do) and before then I had an attack of the lethargies, where I just sat around and did very little. It reminds me of what the Barefoot Doctor says about comparing procrastination with idling: “When you are idling you’re following the natural progression from a phase [...] Read more »

Be Gentle

I have been working away a lot recently (the reason for few posts, tweets, etc) and whilst I was away I fell spectacularly off the Slow path and found myself thrashing around the undergrowth. A few things went horribly wrong, I got stressed out, I found myself becoming flustered, tense, short-tempered, lethargic and easily distracted. [...] Read more »