Practical Idling #2: Adventures in Baking Bread Pt1

Over the weekend I was catching up on the new River Cottage TV series, River Cottage: Summers Here. I am a terrible armchair downsizers, I watch all these TV shows and read the books and then don’t do anything about it! I remember starting “The Slow Guide to Downsizing” way back in October last year, [...] Read more »

The Best of Tortoise Knows Best So Far… (Part 3: The Podbean Days)

In the final instalment of this “Best of So Far… (up to June 09)” series is the Podbean days. Remember I will be continuing to be using Podbean for podcasts… Save Your Money, Save the World! Being Slow is not just about appreciating the time we have, it is a philosophy built on reducing waste. [...] Read more »

The Best of Tortoise Knows Best So Far…(Part 2: The Days)

Continuing the best of theme. Here is the “best of” the days (running from October ’08 – January ’09): The Little Things Where I muse on how it is often the little things that we don’t really pay attention too that makes us the happiest in life, not the big bucks stuff we would [...] Read more »

The Best of Tortoise Knows Best So Far…(Part 1: The Multimedia)

I thought, since this blog has changed homes quite a few times in it’s short life (been going since last October in earnest) and has picked up a lot of new readers in this time, to save everyone from trawling through the old blogs I would list here what I think are the most interesting, [...] Read more »

Slow Blogging

Slow gets everywhere! Whilst surfing the net the other night and doing a spot of research on blogging and the Slow movement, I came across this article: Blogging traditionally is a “fast” activity. People demand constant and fresh, regular, relevant updates and bloggers often rush to be the first to break or comment on [...] Read more »

Celebrating Saint Monday

Saint Monday is the tradition of absenteeism on a Monday (Saint Tuesday is the less common extension of this to a Tuesday) The tradition of taking Monday (unofficially) off has been common among craft workers since at least the seventeenth century. The prime supporters of Saint Monday were often the higher skilled and therefore better [...] Read more »

How to Slow Down Again

I thought since I have recently falling off the Slow train I would discuss in this blog some ways to start slowing down again if you find yourself accidentally slipping back into those fast, hare brained ways…. 1. Don’t Give Up! We are used to demanding and getting results very quickly and if we don’t [...] Read more »