A Beginners Guide to Slowing Down…

If you are new to the slow philosophy, often starting to slow down can be thoroughly overwhelming. People are often not sure where to start, so I have produced this “slow start guide” to get you heading in the right direction right from the start. These “tips” are not designed to be done in order. [...] Read more »

Slow News Friday

I have decided to do a new feature, every Friday (well, really, every Friday that I can) I am going to discuss any news story or stories that have come up this week that have a slow angle… And as luck would have it, this story appeared in the newspaper just today: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/primaryeducation/5019030/School-cuts-lunch-hour-and-replaces-playtime.html This utterly [...] Read more »

De-clutter your mind to give you space to slow down. Part 6: Shoulds

Right, we are onto the last step of de-cluttering your mind. Tomorrow I will post a short review of the steps. The final step is to deal with those annoying “shoulds”, you know the things on the list you found it very difficult to get rid of or cross off because they seemed very important [...] Read more »

De-clutter your mind to give you space to slow down. Part 3: Lets Get Creative!

Right then. You have your goals, your categories of things you want or need to get done and you have your why, you have abandoned the “shoulds” for now. So, lets get creative about how are going to achieve those goals. Abandon the capture list you wrote at the start of this process as we [...] Read more »