De-clutter your mind to give you space to slow down. Part 2: Chunking

Chunking is one of the most powerful tools to de-clutter and slow your life down. Chunking is very simple to understand, it is about levels of detail. Let me give you an example to make it clearer. If we picked something like a car. If we wanted to chunk that up (go to the next [...] Read more »

De-clutter your mind to give you space to slow down. Part 1: Capture.

I am going to start a new mini-thread over the next few posts about how you can start to organise your mind to move from being “Hare-Brained” to “Tortoise-Minded”. (I have just realised, in all the excitement about moving to this new site that I never finished up the series about “How to Be Slow [...] Read more »

Save Your Money, Save the World!

Being slow is not just about appreciating the time we have, it is a philosophy built on reducing waste. Wasted time,  wasted resources, wasted money… Did you know that two thirds of the energy in your house is often wasted. This usually do to leaving electricity devices on that don’t need to be (or on [...] Read more »

PRESS RELEASE: Effects of snow beneficial to health

The wintry weather which brought much of London to a standstill at the start of the week forced many people into living a ‘slow’ lifestyle for the day according to lifestyle expert and slow coach Matt Caulfield: “Slow is a philosophy recognising that time is precious and that rushing to try and fit more in [...] Read more »