The Little Things

I live just south of the Brecon Beacons in Wales, it is a beautiful part of the country, walking the dogs this morning I could see the snow on the peaks in the distance. Unfortunately I can’t get up there walking, as I have to go off to do a talk for a corporation. One [...] Read more »

Celebrate St Monday

Good morning, Today, being a Monday, I would like to talk briefly about the tradition of St Monday: Saint Monday is the tradition of absenteeism on a Monday (Saint Tuesday is the less common extension of this to a Tuesday) The tradition of taking Monday (unofficially) off has been common among craft workers since at [...] Read more »

Tempo Giusto

Wasn’t it dark and cold today? I really wanted to stay in bed, the problem is that one of my dogs, Dylan, is a morning dog (the other, more sensible, I think, Chloe, is more of a lie in dog), so he invariably starts whining at about 7 o’clock because he wants to go out [...] Read more »

The Slow Guide to Downsizing Part 1

I am meant to be doing my VAT return, so instead I am sat watching River Cottage Autumn that I taped from last night (taped? How old am I? I should say Sky Plused shouldn’t I?). I dunno, I should really employ someone to do all this admin stuff for me… I love River Cottage, [...] Read more »

Day 2

Hello. I am still getting my head around this and adding static pages to give you more info about who I am, what I do and what Slow is all about (and how you can do and what you will get out of it). I actually got into Slowness about 12 months ago, whilst in [...] Read more »