10 Ways You Can Slow Down This Weekend

1. Stop and look around.

Just take 5 minutes to stop and “smell the roses”, look around, stare out of the window, just remind yourself this is your life and it is happening NOW!

2. Relax!

Because that is what is all about isn’t it? The more relaxed you are the more energy you will have and the more focused, creative and flexible you will be (in mind and body). For more details about how to relax,  get my “Deep Relaxation Primer” audio.

3. Go for a walk.

Walking is a perfect is exercise, it gets you out in the fresh air, it gets the blood pumping and fresh air in the lungs! Whilst you are out, practice “commentary walking” to help keep you mindful. It is a technique I ironically learned from a guy in the Special Forces (they use it to keep themselves alert). And it works (obviously!) by running a commentary in your head (I don’t recommend you talk  out loud, you may get some odd looks) of what is going on around you. Use all 5 of your senses; say what you can see, hear, feel (both physically and emotionally), smell and taste (but be careful of inappropriate licking, you may get in trouble).

4. Limit yourself  – Do just one thing at a time.

The world’s greatest achievements were made by people who gave the task in front of them their undivided attention. Make a list of everything you would like to do this weekend. The priorities it and pick the top 5 for each day ( recommend applying the Pareto Principle). Stick to them. When they are done, you can choose if you want to carry on doing things or just relax.

5. Do something you really want to do but have been putting off.

At the top of the list, put something you want to do on there, not something you think you SHOULD do. We often put of the things we want to do because we convince ourselves there are things we should do instead. But do you really NEED to do it? Right now? Truthfully, we don’t HAVE to do anything. You can walk away from any task, at any time. Try replacing every “have to” with a “want to” and see if the statement still holds. Is it something that you’ll look back on when you’re in your deathbed and be happy you did?!

6. Do it deliberately.

Whatever you do, focus on that one task. Whether it is cleaning your teeth or cooking your dinner. Be focused and present in the NOW. After all, that is all we have.

7. Focus on what you have got, not what you want.

By yearning, craving and coveting what we don’t have it just causes stress and worry and disappointment and we miss all the good things we have.

8. Tidy a shelf/cupboard/draw.

Mess and untidiness is anathema to the idler. It causes stress, confusion and fluster. Start the process of tidying up and simplifying your life by tidying up a shelf or a draw. Don’t try and do too much, you will just get frustrated and give up. Instead, put half an hour aside to tidy something. When it is done, step back and be proud of what you have done. Then go and have  a cup of tea.

9. Go out with friends or have an impromptu party/BBQ or sit down with family and have a meal together.

Slow is about socialising. Make the effort to catch up with friends or family this weekend. Twist their arm to come out and have fun. They know they want to… Or sit down with the family and have a proper dinner, invite your mother, father, brother, sister cousin, kids, whoever over for Sunday lunch!

10.  Finally ENJOY IT!

Do what you want! Because it is your life and you can do what you like. Smile, laugh and be jolly. It is good for you and good for the world.

Have a good weekend


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