Zen Therapy: A New Approach to Coaching

Although I have been blogging (with varying degrees of success) since 2005, I don’t, primarily consider myself a blogger (those of you who are regular readers will have noticed some of the grammatical and spelling clangers I have made over the years!). I consider myself, primarily a coach, trainer and therapist (which is how I make my living). Ironically, I spend most of my day sat at my keyboard tapping away, so maybe I should reconsider my primary vocation as a writer and blogger?

Anyway, I digress, the reason for this post is to announce my new one-to-one online “Zen Therapy” coaching practice.

I have been coaching for over 10 years, three of those I have been developing the “slow strategies” using mindfulness as a core to the approach.

How Can Mindfulness Help?

Mindfulness, as Siddhartha discovered, is the first step of the process of change. By being mindful a broad vista of options open up to us and we don’t need to react in the conditioned hare-brained response that is holding you in your current, scattered and unuseful patterns of behaviour.

Mindfulness has been used by psychologists since the 1970’s to help with issues from stress to depression to chronic pain and substance abuse. It is best described by John Kabat-Zinn as “…paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.”

I use mindfulness as the jumping off point to a creative process to reconnect with, and create, the life you want. It is probably something very different to what you have experienced before, but many clients describe it as “coming home” and feeling like they have done it before…

Online “Clinic”

After experimenting with different approaches for the last two years, I have developed effective strategies where I can use these processes online via Skype or email exchange. It means you are no longer bound by geographical location and I have worked with people all over the world (including Australia, which meant very early starts for me as I am based in the UK!).

If you feel your life is stuck and you don’t know how to move forward, maybe you have tried traditional “goal based” coaching in the past and it hasn’t worked for you, then this could help.

You can read more and book a session here.