What’s the Most Fun Way?

success1Apparently the 3 most common resolutions (in the UK) are:

1. Stop smoking (or change another habit)

2. Lose Weight/Get fit

3. To resolve not to make any because you won’t keep them anyway (how very British and cynical!)

Now, we all now that the start of every day is the start of a new year and continuing our free trip round the sun (which is always nice), but there is something more powerful about New Year, that collective (if you will allow me to indulge in some hippie sentiments) consciousness, that combined energy and social awareness, gives the New Years Resolutions at this time of year a bit more oomph…

And it is always nice to start a new diary with a good plan!

But what most people do is aim far too big and try and change everything all at once. They also fixate on the goal, the destination, not the journey to get there. Which means, they strive for a few weeks to try and chive that goal, the journey is far too much hassle, far too painful and they just give up.

I am not saying you shouldn’t have goals, dreams or achievements, I am just saying, you should think about them in a slightly different way.

For a start, ease in nice and gently. Resolve to do something nice and simple. Or maybe something you already do/don’t do! Just resolve to do it a little bit more. Ease yourself in gently, like doing a warm up before doing a full on work out.

Once you have the hang of succeeding in these little things an enjoying the process of doing them you can start to stretch yourself a little

But, when asking yourself what you want to achieve, ask yourself “What is the most fun way?”. This is the key to slow resolutions, it is about how you get there. Imagine striving and toiling for years to get something and hating every minute of it and then, just before you achive it, being hit by a bus? Or achieving it, realising it is not what you wanted after all all and realsingin those years of pain and toil were a waste? How true for so many people.

So, make sure you pick the most fun/interesting/whatever word gets you going way. It may take a little longer.

But remember it is the journey not the destination…


PS, I am off for the rest of the week, so will be back Tuesday. Next week I aim to:

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