What is Slow?

rh_nav170_berksThe people at BBC Radio Berkshire are much nicer than Stephen Nolan. They were actually interested in what I had to say and listened. I think I may have gabbled a little bit (I was so excited that they were actually interested!) and probably sound out of breath as seconds before I went on air, my 2 dogs started barking at random things (Jack Russell’s eh?), so I had to shoo them downstairs and shut the door!

But any way, they allowed me to talk much more about how it is easier to balance your life and there are some very effective strategies to cope with this downturn that are certainly not patronising. But can even be fun and more enjoyable than your old fast life. If you give it a chance.

But it does take quite an effort to change your perspective.

Which is my job really. Often I get asked “Do I really need someone to tell me to slow down?” and my answer is always “No, but you probably need help actually slowing down. It is not that easy (if it were we would all do it and the economy and planet wouldn’t be in the mess that is it would it?).

Anyway after my savaging by Stephen Nolan and Charlie Mullins (did you know he owns Pimlico Plumbers? Do you think he mentioned it enough in the Five Live thing? Do you get the impression, like me, that he was only there to plug his company? As he certainly had nothing useful, interesting, or even factual to add to the discussion).

Incidentally, before I go on, I would like to point I have done plenty of media work before including radio and (pre-recorded and live) TV, so I am not some media virgin, moaning about my ill treatment at the hands of the mean radio people. It is just the first time (well second actually, I had a rather…“cold” half an hour once in the company of Ed Doolan on BBC WM!), that I felt I had been stitched right up!

So, back to the point, after my somewhat bad reception I was thinking of ways to explain what I do simply and succinctly. So, when someone asks me what I do (as people always do – why do we define people by what they do for a living?).

So I have prepared this:

You know…

You feel life is running away, with you and you feeling like you are always rushing to keep up, you are always tired and stressed and never really seem to have the time to appreciate what you have got or do the things you want to do. You crave things that you don’t really want ad feel you SHOULD do a lot of things you don’t want to?

Well what I do is…

Well what I do is help you slow down, take control of your life and really start appreciating what you have and find the time and energy to do what you really want.

AS a work in progress…