Well, That Was Fun

noa_28129tDid you get the joys of listening to me being savaged on the radio show on Saturday night by Stephen Nolan and Charlie Mullins of Pimlico Plumbers?

If not you can listen to the gory details here on BBC iplayer (it should be there until the 15th November, I will try and get a copy to post the audio here, when it expires. UK listeners only I am afraid), it is at 2hr 23minutes-ish.


I have to say I felt somewhat ambushed! I was invited on to discuss workaholism and work/life balance. So, I prepare for a discussion about how people need to and can develop that balance and how the “slow” principles can help you achieve more in less time, reduce your stress levels an attain a bit of balance in your life (especially in these difficult times).

But that is not what happened.

From Stephen’s opening response “I am astonished by this…” and accusing me of being patronising, to Charlie’s consistently self centred (and, to be honest, horribly naïve and ill informed) rhetoric about how the economy is making us all work harder (and if you are not you are obviously a lazy slacker) and seeming refusal to listen to anything I had to say. It was obvious I had just been wheeled out as some whipping boy for them to pick on (for daring to suggest there is something more to life than work and there are people out there who want to balance their lives!)

Anyway, sadly I don’t have time to write a full report on it today, so I will be expanding on my reflection of the show and what I actually wanted to discuss in the blogs throughout this week.

Incidentally I will on BBC Radio Berkshire at 8:45am tomorrow, hopefully they will be a little more open minded and a little less aggressive!