Welcome to Tortoise Knows Best 2.0

Hello and welcome to Tortoise Knows Best 2.0. It has taken me a little longer than hoped to get everything done. It is still a little rough around the edges and in particular the “Buy Stuff” page still needs a bit of work. I have, however, added an eGuide page and a Guided Meditation page, both powered by e-junkie. I haven’t added the specific product pages yet, I am still writing them, so if you want to know any more detail please contact me.

A Note On Comments

I have switched comments off as I was sick of spam, idiots and self promoters. I am comfortable enough to blog without needing the reassurance of kind comments from you lovely and intelligent readers. If you have something you would like to ask or say, please contact me via twitter, facebook, or if you would prefer to do so privately via my contact page.

Simplified Categories

The previous site lost focus a bit and posts became excessively random and a bit too eclectic. So, to refocus on the true raison d’être of this blog (strategies to help you cultivate your “Tortoise-Mind”), I will be simplifying the categories to:

The Journey
These are meandering posts of my thoughts, musings and ideas. Things I have been contemplating, or something I have read, seen or been introduced to that has triggered some insight that I think it would be useful to share. They are more personal. I ramble. It is about the journey after all.

The Knowledge
These are your classic “how to” posts, they will give you an idea, technique or strategy for you to try out to help you cultivate your “tortoise mind”, sometimes they will be linked to the journey post. Sometimes not.

Suggested Reading From Version 1.2

Older posts are not organised in this way and are all now listed as “uncategorised”, so please feel free to dip in and out of those. I have done my best to link back to older posts where relevant (with a related post link at the bottom of each post and the most popular posts on the right hand sidebar), but if you are new here I would recommend you start with these posts:

  1. This is a Slow Blog
  2. The Slow Philosophy
  3. Slow Down From the Inside Out
  4. The Businessman and the Fisherman
  5. Hare Brained or Tortoise Minded?
  6. Meditation Makes You Cool
  7. Four Physical Ways to Slow Down
  8. International Day of Slowness
  9. The 3 Keys to A Slow and Happy Life
  10. Learn to Let Go
  11. The Overflowing Tea Cup (and your own list here)
  12. Life is A Journey Not a Destination
  13. Manners Maketh the Idler
  14. A Beginners Guide to Slowing Down
  15. Can I?
  16. The Little Things

To get a daily dose of Slow Wisdom please follow me on twitter, or if you don’t use twitter try my facebook page (which seems more popular anyway, I don’t think Slowbies/Idlers like Twitter too much…)

All this is repeated (with a bit more detail) in the “About” page.

Things being as there are here, as everywhere else, are in constant flux, so more changes will occur off and on. Some large, some smaller. Please contact me via twitter, facebook or my contact page if you have any thoughts or comments.