TKB V 3.0

Oh there you are. I have been waiting for you…

Well, it has been awhile. Far longer than expected or anticipated. I know this is a Slow Blog, but it is a bit ridiculous.

So, what has happened?

To understand that we need to do a little history.

TKB Version 1.0

Version 1.0 of this site was set up in 2008 as “The Deck Chair Diaries” on the site. I had discovered the Slow Movement in late 2007 (by ordering Carl Honore’s ‘In Praise of Slow’ by mistake), something resonated with me and I had noticed in the last few years that I had lost something. I had been building my owning coaching and NLP training business for the past 6 years and had become obsessed with the idea of “success” (but hadn’t really defined what that actually was!), I was stressed, flustered and harassed. I had been meditating and been involved in mindfulness and Buddhism since I was 19, but all that had slipped by the wayside…

The Slow Movement reminded me of what I had lost and I started looking at ways to combined the Slow philosophy into what I was doing. To regain some balance.

I was full of enthusiasm and launched Deckchair TV and some podcasts. I didn’t really have much of clue what I was doing at this early stage!

TKB Version 2.0

Version 2.0 was much more professional. I paid to get a decent site designed and a nice logo. It was in the depths of the recession and my NLP and Coaching business had dropped off. This gave me the impetus and opportunity to really refocus on what I wanted to do with slow philosophy.

Interest was building. Slowly. Too Slowly. I had bills to pay!

Then all of a sudden my core NLP and Coaching business took off again about 2 years ago and my focus shifted back to that, so I took my own advice about not doing too much and put the blog on Hiatus back in November 2012 (and also, to be honest, after 4 years of blogging on the subject of Slow, I ran out of things to say).

I didn’t abandon this blog, I took a break, I fully intended to return to it at some point. In fact I did, in spring last year. But I really didn’t know what I was doing it for and wrote about the “blogification” of my life. That sensation never left me and another year (and a bit) rolled by.

TKB Version 3.0

I have noticed that speed has snuck back into my life. I am catching myself hurrying and stressing and become annoyed by things. Of finding myself flustered, harried and grumpy. Of worrying about silly little things. Of not paying enough attention and of only being vaguely aware of time going by. Of being unfocused and scattered. I can’t say when it started or how long it has been going on, it has insidiously crawled its way back into my life.

This blog is a way to undo that. I want to use it as a reminder and motivator. I said in my last post that I stopped blog because off the blogification of my life (read the post to understand more), so I really want to avoid falling into that trap again. That is not what this will be about, I am not going around looking for things to blog about. So I really cannot say how often I will blog, but a goal of once a month should be fair! It is a place to record my flaneuring ( Is flaneur a verb or a noun? Does a flaneur flaneur? And is flaneuring the correct past tense of the verb?)

It is going to be “professionally personal”, what do I mean by this. Personal, because it is record and reminder to myself to keep going slowly. Professional because I am offering suggestions and ideas and I will occasionally be hawking my wares. I hope that is OK? I do have to make a living.

Anyway, I hope to see you again soon.

(PS I aim to also refresh my twitter feed, but for lots of updates and what best to go here.)