The Slow Guide to Downsizing Part 1

I am meant to be doing my VAT return, so instead I am sat watching River Cottage Autumn that I taped from last night (taped? How old am I? I should say Sky Plused shouldn’t I?). I dunno, I should really employ someone to do all this admin stuff for me…

I love River Cottage, but I have to admit to being a bit of an armchair downsizer. I read the books, I watch the TV shows, then I do bugger all practical.

So here is my lay guide to growing your own veg. I have to admit I always found it far too daunting to grow my own veg, thinking it would be massive amounts of work, would need more room that I have got and it would all go horribly wrong and I would end up wasting my time and effort.

To be honest I just found the whole thing overwhelming and no idea where to start. Hugh and Alan (Titchmarsh) are lovely, bless ‘em, but they kinda dive in at the deep end and just show you a 3 acre smallholding to get started in.

Which is just toooooo big. So lets take a run up to it shall we? Take it nice and slow (this is about slowing down after all).

So, the good news is, it is too late to do anything this year, so relax and chill out until spring.

There that is step one. I will revisit this when it is time to do step 2.

See you soon. When I will continue to ramble on and maybe get back to some of the things I have said I will talk more about in previous posts (or maybe I won’t, I can never tell)….