The Idler and The New Escapologist: 2 Publications of Interest.

I apologies, I don’t have time to write a proper entry today, so I just wanted to draw your attention to 2 periodicals that I read regularly and highly recommend:

The Idler

I have been reading the Idler for 2 years now, it was the first inspirations for me to take up the idle or slow life.

The Idler is a yearly publication devoted to promoting its ethos of ‘idle living’ and all that entail, founded in 1993 by Tom Hodgkinson and Gavin Pretor-Pinney. Following in the footsteps of Samuel Johnson’s collection of essays and Jerome K. Jerome’s popular periodical, the concept behind The Idler is intended as a riposte to the idea of the ‘work ethic’.

Idler 42: Smash the System has just been released. The new cloth-bound 350 page annual Idler, a collection of radical essays with contributions from Alain De Botton, Penny Rimbaud, John Mitchinson, Jay Griffiths, Paul Kingsnorth, Oliver James.

For more details and to buy go to

The New Escapologist

I have only recently come across this new publication, it is only on issue 2.

It is produced by the Robert Wringham and its purpose is to help its readers “to flee the humdrum spreadsheet of prescribed reality into an exciting world of one’s own invention.” The second issue (out now) is titled “The War Against Cliché” and offers tips for cultivating your own unique self and shedding received opinion and humbug. A nice practical final page invites readers to send in ideas for businesses that would create a median £356 a week income on just four hours’ work a week (inspired by Tim Ferriss’ excellent book). Go to for more details.

I will be back tomorrow.


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