Tempo Giusto

Wasn’t it dark and cold today? I really wanted to stay in bed, the problem is that one of my dogs, Dylan, is a morning dog (the other, more sensible, I think, Chloe, is more of a lie in dog), so he invariably starts whining at about 7 o’clock because he wants to go out (he is still only a puppy bless him). So I have to struggle out of bed. This is no way for an idler to act! Embracing Slow doesn’t mean you should do everything slowly, it means that you should everything at the right pace or speed, as Carl Honore put’s it “Tempo Giusto”, finding the correct timing.

And I am most definitely not a morning person. If you are, great, embrace that. But me? No way. I want to lounge around until at least 9 o’clock drinking tea (tea is an idlers drink, coffee is just too edgy) and stuff.

Intrinsic to embracing the Slow Philosophy, means living intelligently and recognising not only your own timing, but your own interests, needs and wants. How much do you do, spend and act because other people have told you to? Maybe not directly, but through suggestion, marketing and peer pressure (like those “2 for 1” offers in the supermarket, you would never have bought even the one if you hadn’t seen the offer! It can be that simple)? You feel the need to own a certain item because of outside influence? You need to start recognising, how much of your resources (time, money, energy, emotion) you use (waste?) on doing things because of outside influences…

That may sound a little vague or odd at the moment, but as you think about it and it sinks in you will start to notice when you think about doing something, or buying something really think hard about your motivations for doing it.

Then you can start cutting back in these areas to give you time and money to do what you want!