Embrace Your Own Tempo Giusto

In music Tempo Giusto means to play in “exact time”, in Carl Honore’s seminal work “In Praise of Slow(ness)” he discusses the idea of Tempus Guisto as applied to our lifestyles meaning living at the “right tempo”.

You see, the Slow Philosophy is not about doing everything at a snails pace, crawling along or grinding things to a halt just for the sake of it, out of some contrary reaction to our modern Society. The Slow Philosophy is about doing things at an appropriate speed for the given context. We all hate sitting in traffic queues or being on hold. We don’t want the emergency services to dawdle to an accident.

In your own life the Slow Philosophy is very nicely thought of as an application of Tempo Giusto. Find your own pace to do things. Slow is about doing things at the pace and time that feels comfortable for you. It is about not reacting to the push and pull of society. It is easy to give in to these pressures, to do things the expected way, at the expected speed. And we are always pressured to go faster, often faster than necessary, seemingly just for the sake of doing it faster (just because we can).

You need to find and embrace your own Tempo Giusto. Find when and at what speed you best act. Do your best not to give in to external pressure about what you should be doing, the speed and rate you are doing it and the time you feel best to get it done.