New Year Re-Slow-lutions: Direction Not Goal

Hello and welcome to 2012. It is that time of year again where people tend to start thinking about ways they want to change their lives and setting themselves goals they want to achieve. There are problems with this goal setting (and striving to achieve them) approach. Most peoples goals are very poorly defined and [...] Read more »

Can I?

OK, in this final part on New Years Resolutions I want to steal something from that monster of the self help movement Tony Robbins. Now, you may be thinking that Tony and I are polar opposites, he is all up and going and striving and driving, whereas I am more chilled, relaxed and about taking [...] Read more »

New Years ReSLOWlutions

Hi I have just returned from Old London Town, which I will write much more about later this week. Firstly I just want to wrap up some final thoughts on how to create Slow Style New Years Resolutions (you shouldn’t rush these things! Have you made any yet? Given up already? Well now is an [...] Read more »

Slow Yule Part 4 – Merry Christmas/Seasons Greetings

Well, well. I didn’t really get as far into exploring the idea of Slowing Down at Christmas as I would have liked. This is due to a couple of factors; dodgy internet connection over the last few weeks (one of the very few downsides to living out in the sticks) and not having the time [...] Read more »