Flirting with the Muse: Overcoming Writers Block

Wow! It has been awhile… In fact I haven’t really got into the rhythm of writing yet in 2011 and it is April already. I have been going through a period of unprecedented busyness since the start of the year. I recognise it all as the interplay of Yin and Yang, expansion and contraction, busy [...] Read more »

The Deck Chair Diaries Part 2

It has been a while hasn’t it? I am all of a muddle, having had a busy month or so and have been neglecting all my online duties. Back in the middle of June (the 16th to be exact), my main website, where I promote all my courses, products and coaching keeled over, catastrophically. [...] Read more »

International Day of Slowness

According to “The Slow Society” yesterday (21st June – the Summer Solstice) was the “International Day of Slowness“. I only just found out about it (what do you expect really? This is about “slow” after all…). It is one of several “International Days of Slowness” I have come across. The great thing about the Slow [...] Read more »

The Lighter Side of Slow

I remember hearing the late great Robert Anton Wilson talking about the term “Hilaritas”, which is derived from a Greek word, meaning to “live joyfully” and was supposedly used to describe the gods. You could tell they were a god because the had “Hilaritas”. Humour is incredibly important to the Slow mindset. Humour has power. [...] Read more »

SlowCast Episode 9: Muses and Saint Monday

You can here the news SlowCast here, or subscribe in iTunes here. Below is a transcript: Once again a month seems to have passed since I last produced a Slow cast, it is certainly not because I have been being tardy. Far from it. I wish I had! I have been busy, busy, busy (and [...] Read more »

The Idler and The New Escapologist: 2 Publications of Interest.

I apologies, I don’t have time to write a proper entry today, so I just wanted to draw your attention to 2 periodicals that I read regularly and highly recommend: The Idler I have been reading the Idler for 2 years now, it was the first inspirations for me to take up the idle or [...] Read more »