A Seasonal Thought

There is an irony at this time of year. Everyone talks about the “season of goodwill” but other than making a few (forced) false platitudes, sending Christmas cards and gifts (often because they think they should, or because of some selfish reason to be seen to be being generous) most people become (much more) self [...] Read more »

Compassion: The Second Keystone of a Tortoise Mind

Compassion is not very fashionable nowadays. Our hare-brained society rewards and favours (and even deifies on some occasions) the rude, the aggressive and the self centred. Hare-brained people hide behind terms like “assertiveness” or “honesty” or “just telling it how it is”, when they are simply being rude, judgemental and self centred. They mock people [...] Read more »

Slow Cast Episode 8: Manners Maketh the Idler RE-UPLOADED

Oops! My apologies for the SlowCast uploaded last Thursday, it didn’t seem to get past the 2 minute mark! Many thanks to the people who have sent emails and comments letting me know. I have reuploaded the SlowCast, and it should hopefully work OK now. You can listen to the full podcast here: http://slowcoach.podbean.com/2009/06/29/slow-cast-episode-8-manners-maketh-the-idler-re-uploaded/ SC Read more »