Slowing downing with the pressure of family and work

I often here the “reason” that people can’t slow down is because of pressures of work and family.

I am going to be uncharacteristically blunt here. That is an excuse. Plain and simple.

To slow down you need :

1. Slowing down has to be something you’re excited and passionate about; and

2. You have to make it a top priority, and structure your day so that it really is a priority.

It’s that simple. If you really want to do it you need to make it number 1 priority. It is not about neglecting your family or work life, far from it, by slowing down you will be able spend more time with your family and be more productive at work, but in the short term this may not seem the case.


Slowing down is an alien concept in these fast times and it is counter to all those hare brained habits and believes you have developed about what you should be doing.

It’s the little things…

Make it a priority in your day to do 1 thing “slowly” whether that is “single-tasking” and not letting your self be interrupted until you have finished the task you have started or making the effort to sit down with the family for an evening meal around the table rather than gobbling it down in front of the tv.

These tiny changes will start to make a very big difference over a short period of time. The biggest mistake people make…

When trying to slow down is trying to it all at once (our hare brain is used to wanting and getting results NOW!) and getting overwhelmed and giving in.

To slow down successfully, you need to slow down slowly! Implement one small change a week and you will be surprised how fast you find your are going slower…!