Slow Yule Part 3 – Bad Santa

n617928335_1713397_2761Santa is evil.

This may sound controversial. Hold on, it is going to get worse…

The Santa you know and love was essentially designed by Coca Cola. Now I love a Coke, don’t get me wrong, and I don’t want to get into any legal trouble, so all I am going to say is google Coca Cola and see what they have been up to in the name of making money. Not the soft and cuddly “All American” company you thought is it?

Santa is the physical manifestation of the current attitude that Christmas is all about giving and receiving stuff. We put ourselves under massive psychological and financial pressure to provide the right gift to the right person. Or provide the right party, event, meal, whatever.

It encourages people from a very early age to demand and expect presents at Christmas.

This, in my opinion, not only goes against the spirit of Slow, but the essential Spirit of Christmas all together.

Although I do like a nice prezzie from time to time.

Ban Santa!

So, what do we do about it? How can we deal with the financial concerns of Christmas (which, to be fair, is probably the biggest headache of all).

Well, as synchronicity would have it, I was just driving back from the recording studio and was flicking through the radio channels and found Martin Lewis from Money Saving expert on Radio 1. Martin is one of my favourite people, he is the king of Slow Money, he is an expert at showing you easy and simple ways to save yourself lots of unnecessary expense. His advice is not based around abstinence, but about just being clued up and not getting ripped off.

(I highly recommend you check him out at

He was discussing on the show about how to deal with Christmas financially. There is not point me going on about when he can,

So you can listen again here (UK only and only for the next 7 days I am afraid):

And you can find all his tips here on his site:

I hope you find them as useful, informative and empowering (I can’t believe I have just used that word, I hate that word…) as I did.