Slow Travel – The “Send a Postcard” Campaign

I was reading in a Sunday newspaper and in the travel section there were some  interviews with some “celebrities” about their holiday and if they would be sending postcard. Sadly, most of them said they would not.

Which got me thinking, with text messages, email, twitter, facebook updates and all the other immediate ways of making contact the humble letter is dying a death. When was the last time you wrote a letter (that wasn’t work related!)? I even know people who have succumbed to sending ecards for birthdays and special occasions (I have to admit to have done it once or twice…).

And one of the biggest losses in this day and age of instant messaging is the humble postcard.

Not only is a postcard a much nicer thing to get from someone on holiday than a text message or an email, it keeps our ailing postal services alive.  So, today, I am launching the “send a postcard” campaign.

When you go on holiday this year, send a postcard to someone…anyone!

Go on, you know you want to, it costs pennies/cents and it means so much more than a soulless text and it is more fun!

Join the “send a postcard” campaign, lets combine Slow Travel with Slow Writing. Tell all your friends, send them this post, and encourage everyone to send at least one postcard this summer. Tell me about it on the comments page or post a picture of your postcard to my facebook or twitter page!

I may even throw in a prize to the person who sends the best, most fun or original postcard…