Slow Time Part 1

Today is a chores day. I have had lots of bits and bobs I needed to do.

And it is also very, very cold and snowing, but that is by and by.

I like the word “chore” rather than task, or “to do” or project. They all send shudders down my spine . Chore is a nice gentle word, the same as “errand” or “potter”.

If you perceive something as a task or subscribe to one of those dreadful, painfully overcomplicated time management system that are just really a total waste, then you can easily become overwhelmed

One of the key components of Slow is about being organised. Mess and disorganisation is anathema to an Idler. You have to have a certain amount of self discipline to live the Slow life, it is the simple life, the easy life, but it isn’t the lazy, thoughtless life.

How you organise yourself is really up to you and does not require a fancy pda or time management system or expensive diary. You just need to keep track of what it is that you need to do and do it at regular intervals (very important when it comes to things like bills, you need to pay them on time!). Whether that is doing a bit each day or saving it up and doing it once a week or once a month. Personally I put everything I get in a great big pile and tackle it one morning a week (which happened to be today), I then make a nice long list in a little book

As for diaries, I have tried them all, the big fancy (and expensive ones) like the Franklin Covey system, to computerised ones on a pda or iphone and have never really found one that suited. Until now.

I recently picked up the “Idlers Diary 2009” by the guys at the Idler. And I cannot recommend it enough, full of lots of info about the medieval way of life, ways to skive, poems, receipes and all the holidays (including some long forgot ones to celebrate!)

You can buy The Idler Diary here from